About The Surf Renegades

Bob Keefe

Mike Tolomeo

John White

Mark Joyce

Bob Keefe: Born in Los Angeles and raised in Fresno, California, Bob started playing at age 14.  His first professional gig at age 16 was with his own surf band.  He is the consummate lead guitarist and is in high demand as a guitar teacher.


Mike Tolomeo: Mike has been with the band for over a year now and he switch hits on rhythm guitar or bass, holding down the middle ground. He fills the space like the swell of a wave under a shortboard. 


John White: John is an amazing bass player, who, along with drummer Mark Joyce, lay down an authentic surf groove.  Don't let his soft-spoken demeanor fool you: he is a killer bass player who takes no prisoners.


Mark Joyce: When Mark plays, he rocks the house.  He is comfortable playing all styles of music and keeps the Surf Renegades rockin' and true to form.  He and Bob have been playing together for over 15 years.

The Surf Renegades at LIquid State Brewing Cayuga Lake May 6, 2023

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